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Aerial top view of Flooded the village and Country road with a red car, View from above shot by drone

New research reveals USD5.6 trillion water risk by 2050

Research exploring the economic consequences of water risk fueled by climate change through to 2050 predicts that droughts, floods and storms could wipe USD5.6 trillion USD from the GDP of key economies, with some more affected than others.

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A woman sites at a computer with the blueprints for a series of pipes on the screen

Routes to resiliency and digital transformation in the water sector

COVID-19 taught us the world is more susceptible to global threats than ever before. The water industry is no exception. Old business models and ground rules for the industry are changing as a result of scarcity, climate change, ageing infrastructure and changing demographics.

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Green forest and river in Tuchola natural park, from above

Three Steps to Global Water Resilience

Climate change has given rise to increasing numbers of droughts, floods and storms in recent years, and as they become more frequent, disruptive water events are also trending toward increased intensity. The need to make our water systems more resilient and adaptable is a matter of rising urgency. But what does resilience truly mean? And what steps can be taken to build water resilience across the globe?

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Drought after flood in soy bean field with cracked land and damaged plants

Water needs to move up the ESG agenda

Decarbonization has dominated international goal setting and corporate priorities in recent years, but there is another area of risk and opportunity that forward-thinking companies are increasingly addressing: the environmental, social and economic consequences of water risk. Whether it be drought or flooding, the increasing frequency and severity of water-related events associated with climate change present a very real challenge to performance.

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